Money, work and satisfaction – Results of the big subito mf survey

Money, work and satisfaction – Results of the big subito mf survey

In the middle of the corona period, between January and August of this year, we did several surveys about work, money and satisfaction of musicians in Switzerland. Would you like to know exactly how it looks like? Here you can find the answers:

How much do we musicians earn?

Only few musicians earn more than 6000 CHF per month

Will I be fairly paid for my work?

More than half of the musicians are not satisfied with their salaries.

How much do we work?

A quarter of the musicians work a lot, a quarter work only 25 hours or less per week. Does this have anything to do with corona?
The work week of most musicians is six days long.

Work more or rather less?

The majority of the musicians are satisfied with their current workload ūüĎć 

Where do we work?

Most musicians combine teaching with concert activity.

Satisfied with the general situation as a musician?

For the fact that our survey took place in the middle of the corona period, a mediocre level of satisfaction is a positive signal.

CORONA – News?

For the period October-December 2020; latest submission: December 20, 2020.

If you have already applied for emergency help at Suisse Culture Sociale, please remember to UPDATE your existing request: Suisse Culture Social will contact you by email to update your application. (Respectively if you login on the website with your already registered email address, you will receive a link that forwards you to your existing application.)

CORONA ACQUISITION REFUND FOR SELF-EMPLOYEES (Loss of earnings due to considerable loss of sales)

Corrigenda: It is limited to June 30, 2021 (not December 31, 2021, as written in the last newsletter).

The compensation is for self-employed persons who, as a result of measures taken against corona virus, suffered a loss of revenue per month of at least 55 percent compared to average revenue in the years 2015 to 2019.

Registration is already possible with most compensation funds.

General online registration from DE / FR / IT / EN (only use if your compensation office does not have its own form):

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