Coronavirus – The most important information – measures for creative artists

Cancelled concerts because of Corona?

On 20.03.2020, the Federal Council approved a comprehensive package of measures, which also applies to the cultural sector. The most important facts in brief:

For self-employed cultural workers who suffer a career interruption because their engagements are cancelled because of the measures against coronavirus or because they have to cancel their own event:

The loss of earnings is to be regulated in accordance with the Income Compensation Act (EO) and paid as a daily allowance. This corresponds to 80 percent of income and amounts to a maximum of 196 Swiss francs per day. The AHV compensation funds will check the entitlement and pay out the benefit.

For employers – short-time work compensation: The entitlement to short-time work compensation will be extended and the application process simplified. For example, short-time work compensation can now also be paid to employees with fixed-term contracts and temporary employees.

Complementary measures for the cultural sector:

280 million Swiss francs

Emergency aid:

The plan is to provide immediate aid to non-profit cultural enterprises in the form of repayable interest-free loans to secure their liquidity. In addition, cultural workers whose economic existence is threatened by the loss of income due to government measures to combat the coronavirus are to receive emergency aid to cover their immediate living costs, unless this is guaranteed by the new compensation for loss of income in accordance with the Income Compensation Act. This is handled by the cantons (cultural enterprises) or by Suisseculture Sociale (cultural workers).

Failure compensation:

In addition, for-profit and non-profit cultural enterprises and cultural workers should be able to receive compensation for financial loss resulting in particular from the cancellation or postponement of events or projects or from the closure of businesses. The cancellation compensation covers a maximum of 80 percent of the financial loss. The Confederation bears half of the costs awarded by the cantons..

Grants for cultural associations:

Finally, lay cultural associations in the fields of music and theater (choirs, orchestras, theater associations) should be able to receive financial aid to cushion the financial losses associated with the cancellation or postponement of events.

We will communicate further information as soon as possible.

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